Mar 13, 2012

Wall Makeover

Cold + Rain + Broken Fridge + Crying infant + Screaming Toddler = A Gloomily mad Me!

Things got so depressing that even a crochet hook looked tiring. Then i decided. It was time. Time to get up, time to get out n time to buy something :) Shopping sometimes gives one the best solutions. It fills up those aimless hours one needs to pass. There is  no rain which can stop you from shopping. It also is the best workout. In fact there is something known as mall walking. I ll take this any day! Being in a foreign country with just kids for company (at least sunrise to sunset) - you do end up making malls and stores as one of your good friends.

One such good friend is the neighborly home store JUSCO. This departmental store literally has everything under the sun - from home furniture to kids clothing to food and craft items, kitchen appliances and even a hair salon. The also fits wallets of all sizes.Any day i am aimless or bored i just stride into JUSCO. It never disappoints me! There is always a sale or a fair going on, either its sweaters or kids toys or home decor items. Today was no different. They had a most amazing range of wall decors and stickers. Dint know which to pick and which to leave. Also it was the easiest way to cheer up the white walls in the living room.  Picked up a few and here are the clicks.

Little Miss helped me with this one. Loved it cos its all crooked and a bit messed up!

What can i say? Hope he grows up into a Pilot :)

On the hooky side, i am close to completion of the rug. Running out of the blue color yarn, so maybe would call it a day once i am through with 4 more waves and then start off the border. Hoping it would make it a 5 x 3 feet carpet.

She was all trying to help me get a good snap. Never was straight enough for her. Here she is trying to make it all in proper for my snap.

Here's hoping for a day of sunshine sans rain.

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