Mar 7, 2012

T-shirt Makeover - Part 1

Sewing projects are fun. Mainly because they get done in a few hours and there are so many things you can do with a needle.I don't know know to use the machine, maybe will learn it one day. But for now, can manage with hand sewing itself. Picked up a few plain t-shirts from Mother Care for the Little Miss.

One aimless day, when i was browsing, i came across this DIY project. I knew i had to had to had to do it for her!

Cut out a 5hearts, made up a buttoned flower on the go. Used simple back stitch to attach four of the hearts in the front of the fabric. She was waiting on her toes for the heart t-shirt. It was all done in under an hour and here are the results.

 She has to make sure that mamma has had a good click.

..and the fifth heart is on the back of the t-shirt.

One happy hearty t-shirt. One happy girl and one happy me :)
Watch out for more t-shirt makeovers coming up.

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