Mar 21, 2012

8-Petal Flowers

Where is it? Why hasn't it come still? I am wondering about the yarn which I have ordered from Ebay. You can find it  here. This yarn is really value for money. It is not very expensive but the shipping charges is more than the cost of the actual yarn itself! Oh, i really wish i was in UK now. And i had a bigger house or at least a cupboard just for my craft and yarns. Now i share a cupboard with banker's books, my kids clothes and suitcases :( Envy all the women out there who have the luxury of their own physical creative spaces.

So while i am waiting for my lovely yarn, i crocheted some flowers.

The inspiration for this is here.  I modified the pattern a bit to make the edging neater.

The other flower is in a granny square. I know the colors are bad but those are the only colors i have of Stylecraft. Waiting for the yarn (have i told this before?) 

My model got up very early Maybe to pose for me?
Cannot suppress her yawn tho..n no comments for the unmade bed. It was really early and the helper hasn't started her work yet.

and i cannot resist using this :)

Can you guess where this ended up? Of-course on her frock :)
Finished it up nicely with a vintage button.

The frock is from HnM. It is a lovely store here has lotsa lovely dresses to buy from.

Hope you enjoyed the flowers. Hope the mailman gets the yarn.


  1. Lovely flowers....
    Yes, on ebay the shipping charges is more than yarn charge:(

  2. Hwllo there !! I live in the UK and I am avid crocheter too.. Can you please provide the correct link fot the yarn, as the one you have provided leads eldewhere on ebay ?? Thanks in advance..
    I am a silent reader and love your blog and I am from Bangalore too !!

  3. Hey, I live in the UK and I am avid crocheter too.. Can you please provide the coorect link of the yarn in ebay, as the link you have given above leads elsewhere on ebay ?? Thanks in advance :)
    I am a silent reader of your blog for a long time now.. Love your blog and project and I am from Bangalore too.


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