Mar 16, 2012

Almost there..

Past few days have been a routine, its like i can tell what i will be doing at every hour, every day. Sometimes  patterns in life are good. Keeps you content and you just go along with the flow. Morning 8 till night 11(if i get lucky) are filled with motherly activities. Its this one hour in the morning and a few hours late at night which are totally ME time. I love the quietness, when there is no one wanting my attention and i can do as i please.

During one such hour i was looking for Instagram like apps for PC that i came upon this site. One word for it - AWESOME! You can just transform your pictures. And its free.

Take a look at this. The Before snap.

Transformed it into this -

A rare smile for the shutter bug.

Before this was just an almost finished rug.

Now, its a vintage heirloom :)

OK.This is how much i have completed. Ran out of the blue yarn so called an end to the body of the rug. Started the border in white. I have completed 1 round of it, need to do a few more rounds and finish it off with an edge. Something about a border, gives an entire new look to your rug.

As my little ones are still asleep, i am off to get that cup of coffee and my hook. 
Happy 'vintage' time :)

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