Jul 9, 2012

..and I am back

in HongKong. It feels strange all of a sudden to be alone with my little ones. Its just me, hubby and the little people now. After days and months of always having some one or the other family member with you, its takes a while to be brave enough to face the little ones alone :) Well they have been angels so far, so much so that i am here blogging while they are taking a short nap!

Past few weeks have been real hectic and i have not been able to get much hooky done. Now i have loads of new projects to keep the hand n mind busy. While i am still working on my latest project, here's a look at what i had done a while ago. Yes, when i was the mother of just 1 child (if you'll exclude my hubby dear), i had even more time than now. Cant believe this blanket was done in barely 1 month! Originally i saw this blanket in Lucy's Attic here.It was from here that i feel in love with her colors and blog :) I purchased the book she has mentioned and began hooking away.

 I wanted to use the same bright colors and also merino wool. But the local yarn store had only merino Sublime pastel shades. I loved it anyway. The feel of this wool cannot be expressed, sooooo soft and soo easy to work with, its a hookers delight!

My little miss has had many a cosy naps under this blanket. It really makes me smile when this happens. When your hook can create magic for the magical people in your life :))

The book is really good, has quite a few cool projects using granny squares. A look at one of the interesting pages in it.

This is the baby blanket i fell in love with and had to had to do it. Its really simple, the squares can her hooked 1 here and 1 there. The neat trick is how they are joined to give a zig-zag appearance. 

The joining happens keeping the blocks tilted. Stripes of zig-zag rows are thus obtained. These rows are then joined together using SC from back. I added another row in yellow to highlight the joints.

Little Miss loves it and does not share it with anyone. I love this!! My first blanket's long overdue ta-daaah!!!

I have a very interesting thing to show you fellow crocheters in my next post. Keep in touch and keep your hook close by.


  1. Lovely blanket! Interesting patterns , must have a look in the library for that book.

  2. Your products are so nice & beautiful
    like that Baby sleeping. ! ;)))))

  3. Welcome back...missed you and your crochet patterns!
    Lovely blanket. Hugs to the cute bundle of joy.

    1. Thanks Ranjana, look out for a rush of projects from this end!


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