Jul 27, 2012

Reuse and a Lovely Giveaway

Hello my lovely people!
Hope you are all having a wonderful week and looking forward for an even splendid weekend:) A warm welcome to my new friends from blogger-land - Amanda from Crafty in the Med - She is a super talented lady with a great blog. Emma from The Log Cabin - love the way she gives us peek into her colorful world. Debi from DIY's Crafts and Stuff - go here only if you have more than a couple of hours to spend, beautiful things to see here :)

Here's what my crafty girl has been up to. No no..not the crochet piece, the neck piece on it :) Isnt it beautiful?

This is the entire collection of her wooden beads. So colorful. And yes, i am still at the crochet project, hopefully i can post pics over the weekend.

Reuse is one of the key ingredients to a crafter's life i feel. So much you can do with dresses which the kids have over grown. With useless boxes and tubes one can turn them into many play things for the little ones.

I am really fortunate to be married into a family of crafty people. My sister-in-law is very talented and creative designer with the sewing machine. Her house is filled with all sorts things hand made and with love and warmth. Here's what she has done with the dresses my little girl out grew :)

A project from scrap yarn - The little birdies. This was done with the left over yarn from my little girl's first project. I had great fun assembling this particular crochet piece. They have been thoroughly used and played with to the extent of the loss of a few body parts :)

Think the jungles did the trick. The pattern can be found here.

Amanda from Crafty in the Med is hosting a lovely giveaway with very attractive and interesting artifacts. The fan from Spain is really colorful and the hand made cushion cover is a lovely pattern and so is the vintage crochet doily. Do go and have a look at her give away else you will be missing something :) And participate as it is really simple and also lotsa fun!!


Here's wishing all of you who stopped by a very pleasant day :)



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