Jul 11, 2012

Beyond the Square Motif

Hello my dear fellow bloggers!
Hope you all have been having a sunny and fun filled day :)

 A view of the finest harbour fronts. Buildings and mountain terrain at the same time. Probably the only one in the world. The view for my coffee cant get any better ;)

Here's something that will surely brighten up the dull day - A book. This is one of the smartest purchases i have made in the recent past. "Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs". You can go ahead and have a sneak peak at this Amazon link. For the people in India you can order this book at Flipkart. Here's the link. Best part of ordering in flipkart is the option of cash on delivery :)

Coming back to the book, it is truly amazing, has unbelievable motifs and my mind went buzzzzzzzzzzzz with ideas and things to do after seeing this book in my hands. Opening the parcel and turning each page over and over again, i am still not able to soak in this book completely. You see what i mean by ideas right??

Learnt a new technique from this book. Known as Sliding Loop, think it is the best way to start your motifs as you can adjust the size of your beginning circle.

I was pleasantly surprised to see this challenge by Barbara of Make in K-town. You can read more about this here.

Readily joined in and here is my first motif:

Category : Squares
Motif No # 89

Hope you guys have a look at the book and join me in this adventure of motifs and beyond!


  1. So many beautiful motifs....Good book.
    The motif you have made also very beautiful

  2. Thanks Ranjana. The book is a must have :)

  3. Very Very Beautiful Products. Congrats. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I like very much, the Lovely design of last but one. ;)))))

  5. Hi Rajeswari!

    What a great start into this Challenge! I love the look of this motif with the little button in the center, and how you've used it as embellishment on... is it a shirt? is it a girl's dress? Anyway, it's lovely! :)

    1. Hi Barbara!
      This is a simple frock of my little girl. I have placed the motif on the pockets :) Love your blog and everything in it btw!!

  6. The motifs look so pretty on the top. What a nice touch!


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