Sep 18, 2012

Color Burst Mat and Spotlight

A terrific Tuesday to all my lovely readers, fellow bloggers and crocheters. Hope you guys had a great weekend. Restful or hectic however it was! A warm welcome to my newest friends from blogger-land.

Chiflu from La mi cocinuca
Katie from My Secret Crochet Blog - Very creative lady with an equally compassionate heart!
Lavina Agarwal from Life's Little Treasures - amazing paper crafts spot you have. Admire your patience!
Shikha from Weaver Birdie - Lovely crochet amigurumi patterns and blog.
The lovely blogger from A Tale From Toadstool House.
An awesome crocheter and lots of beautiful things can be found at Kreatives aus dem Drosselgarten.
It's been so great to get onto blogging and meeting so many amazing people!

Yesterday i was out and about, getting errands done, while i could be happily crocheting, naah, need to do some stuff for the house, pending paperwork and long overdue DE-cluttering of the Diaper Home. Whilst i was out buying some dresses for the little people, who always seem to outgrow their shorts and underpants, i came upon this at my local flee market.

 Isn't this ball of whatever so utterly gorgeous :) I could not resist myself and purchased the ones below too.

Crochet hook 10mm did the trick. It is really thick material and not expensive. Costs HK $ 30 for 2 balls. I bought 4 such ones.The street market ladies stock a whole range of colors, mostly variegated.The fastest piece of  crochet i have ever done!!! Decided on a foot mat as the ball of yarn/wool/felt was really sooo very soft to touch.

 My son decided to be the first one to step on it. This is a circle done in simple SC. It was soo much fun to do this. And worked up in a couple of hours.

Added the white and black variegated after the variegated color felt.

 Can you see how thick the mat is?
 Cannot take my eyes off the rainbow center :)
Here it is, my new kitchen foot mat. Love it. Absolutely! Hope you guys liked it too. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Meanwhile have something to share with you guys. A dear friend and a fellow blogger, who is an awesome paper crafter and an equally amazing and talented lady has featured an interview of yours truly on her blog. You can read about it here:

Have a look around at her very creative blog!

Happy mid-week(almost) and happy crafting people!



  1. Looks too good...this type of strands we won't get it here :(

  2. Your kitchen foot mat looks great - nice and cushy. :)

  3. looks soo nice! congrats for the spotlight!It was v nice to read about you :)

  4. The mat looks good and comfortable to stand on. Thanks for mentioning my blog in your post!

  5. What cute little feet on that mat :o) xx

  6. Gorgeous colors on the center and black and white on the edge, really nice!


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