Sep 4, 2012

New Beginnings

Hello my lovely readers!

Hope this Tuesday is terrific as of now for all you folks.A warm welcome to my new readers :

Heather from My little red suitcase - so glad i stepped into your suitcase
elaine bramstedt
Hazel Raison from Crafty 'n' Clothy - lovely crafty DIY fellow mom :)
Priscillas from Priscillas2000 - lovely blog and amazing scrap-booking ideas :)
Luanna Vieiritta

Its a new month and i am having a few new beginnings here in the Diapermum's world. Firstly let me show you my latest yarn stash!!

Yes you guessed it right!
Finally my own collection of StyleCraft Special DK acrylic yarn in 100 gm ball each :)))
I have been so so so color-full and happy since this package has arrived. Now who says its difficult to please a girl. All she needs is some yarn, a hook and some non-kiddo time!!! Right from the day i saw this yarn in Lucy's Attic24, i have craved for it. Seeing it in so many lovely people's blog and creations made me lust for it even more. Now its mine and i am all set to being another blanket-y journey. 

The colors are truly truly amazing. The yarn is also delicious to work with.So smooth and so easy, my hook refused to part with it :) Cant really pick my favorite, but liking the mocha one, yes the dull brown and the plum and the greens very much!

 Thought a lot about what to do with this set. First i wanted to make THIS from According to Matt. Then somehow the white against all the brighter colors is really not my cup of tea or coffee. Then i chanced upon this TREASURE in the same blog space.

My heart stopped. I knew it, this is IT!! I had to make this blanket. Hubby dear dint approve of this, he liked the white and color one better. Even more reason for my to stick with the Giant Grannie Patches!!

I am doing a few alterations though. This pattern calls for Join-along method. But with 2 small kids and a matchbox sized craft room corner, i am going to be very brave and join in all the squares later. I am loving how i can do 1 square in between meals, a few during the kids play time, a few when they nap and so on and so forth. A big blanket with squares to join, not to mention the constant yarn changing would take more time! 35 squares done in 2 days, easy-peasy i must say. 1 color down i am now :)

What are you guys hooking? Hope its something colorful and bright and more importantly with love!!

Have a terrific Tuesday. Will keep the blanket progress updated. And also try to squeeze in some smaller projects between!

Lotsa love,


  1. I'm making granny squares too. I'm making a Mario blanket for the kids from this pattern

    I'm doing 4 rounds on each granny square and I'm up to 120 squares after 1 week. Good luck with yours. The one I'm making doesn't have many colours in so it's not as exciting as playing with all those lovely Lucy colours!

    Thanks for the mention :-)

  2. I started exactly the same blanket two weeks ago. 42 squares so far, using the join as you go method and the same colours Sandra did. And there is a Baby Cashmerino Ripple, a Purple-Green-Yellow Granny Stripe for my goddaughter and a Granny Shawl for my Sister-in-Law. Argh, I think I am a serious case of startitis!

    Your blog is gorgeous by the way. I love to read your posts!

  3. Oooh... I am so jealous. Really gorgeous colors. Did you order the yarn by mail, if yes then let me know the site. Wishing you luck with your blanket and hope to see the finished blankie soon. Your idea of making the squares and joining later is good, you won't have to lug the whole blanket around each time.

  4. Very pretty yarn! One of these days I'm going to break down and buy some. Good luck with your blanket!

  5. oh happy making,the colours look lovely. I was very inspired by this epic blanket made by Sandras cherry heart too. Nice when it comes together so quickly! Heather x

  6. Oh I'm in love with your yarn! Such beautiful colors! Your blanket is coming amazingly! Love how you try to make a square in every moment you have, it will be done in a blink of an eye! :)
    Best, LS


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