Sep 20, 2012

Raglan Sleeve Jacket

Hello my lovelies! How are you guys holding the fort?

Autumn has set in here in Hong Kong, I can see pumpkins everywhere, there is a slight chill in the air. Its very romantic outside and also extremely pleasant to do all things out-dory :)

People have started putting on a thin sweater or a jacket. I had to open up the winter wardrobe for the little people. Came upon this sweater/jacket i had crocheted for little miss last year.

You can find the Ravelry link HERE. I think i must have altered the pattern to fit her as the sizes weren't big enough.

I shorted the sleeves as i find full sleeves a bit cumbersome on toddlers. Especially the messy and on the go ones :) Also Raglan and top-down method is my favourite method of doing sweaters. Really gives a very nice finish and also you can do a lot more in terms of patterns. Once you crochet the yoke, the body of the sweater can be done in any stitch, color combination.

I have tried the bottom-up approach and the separate pieces for the body and attaching the sleeves later on. They all work out good. But this approach gives a neat finish as the sleeves and armholes are all done in 1 piece. More of the methods at a later post maybe :)

 Loved the easy shell pattern and the yarn though locally bought is very find and feels almost like merino. Worth the price as it has already lasted 1 winter season and still good to go!

Little Miss was kind enough to model in it for a few clicks. Though she did not take it off for the entire day. Added to it, the sun came out in full force later on and she was sweating all the time! Still did not remove it!!

What are you guys hooking today? Would love to hear from you as always. Keep the hook in the go!



  1. I MUST search this pattern out. Yours looks so nice, I have to find it and see what I can make out of it for the little one in our family.

  2. Such a cute jacket, and looks perfect on the sweet girl. I agree what you say about the sleeves...

  3. Very cute jacket, you make neat stitches.

  4. what a sweet jacket, lucky girl! The weather has suddenly turned cooler here too and I wore my warm scarf today. Have a good weekend Heather x

  5. Nice jacket! I too like making for my daughter, but we stay in Hyderabad where even in winters we rarely need sweaters.


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