Sep 8, 2012

Flower Clips

Hello my dear friends!

Hope your weekend has got off to a  happy and relaxed start! Anyone enjoying breakfast in bed? Well @ home front everyone has caught the sick bug. Lotsa cold and cough and tiresome sleepless nights. Many a times i had to remind myself that "it will pass". Relax and breathe!!! Kids are cranky then and 2 kids ill doubles the crankiness all around. Cannot scold or mind them as they are already ill :(

Anyways things are better now. They are happy and smiling and i am back to blogging.

A warm welcome to my new friends. Hope you enjoy your reads here.

Katie Drane from Fun Home Things - amazing DIY home things site you have
Lovestitch from Stitch of Love -  so glad i met you thru blogger-land. Love your blog and all the beautiful crochet wearables on you site.
Lynn Reedy

A small and cute project is what i am sharing today.

Drew lots of inspiration from HERE. Love her blog and all things flowery. But most of the patterns have to be bought in her Etsy store. I made this up on my own, the clips being very custom, you need to really do your own counting and stitching i think!

My little girl was thrilled with her new clips. Just made my day too :) A snap of her wearing her fav color flower clip.
Hope you guys have a fun weekend. 
Take care, be good and steal some hooky time :))



  1. Oh these are sweet! I have similar on a sliding hairpin, and use it as a money clip!

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    1. Very cute clips. Once again, I really miss having a daughter. Your princess is lucky to have such a creative mom.

    2. Thanks Sangeetha! A daughter really brings out the creative need ;) Tho i must say your house is deff lucky!

  3. This is such a great idea, thanks for sharing!

  4. Good to hear you kids are feeling better. The hair clips are really cute. Have a good day. :)

  5. Ohhh my dear friend they are so cute..:)) And I know my daughter will like them so much. I may make these cute hair clips for my daughter... Thanks...:))
    Best wishes..

  6. Muy alegres están esos clips!
    Son hermosos para las niñas!
    Un beso

  7. Hi Rajeswari,
    Gorgeous!I'll try make some to my nice.Thanks so much sharing them.
    Have a look at my blog I’ll be so glad.

    Hugs from Portugal
    Ana Love Craft

  8. Very nice clips. I have a also made a couple of clips like this. But I haven't blogged about it yet. will give you the link after blogging about it. Would like to follow your blog. Visit my blog in your free time.


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