May 18, 2012

3 Things

There is lots to love in life. But what is the use if one does not know the value of it. How can one understand the importance of what to love? I guess it is only when we don't have something that we cherish it and want it. Is all this going over your head?? Ha ha... Ok a simple list for the day.

3 Things i am loving right now :

1. Sleeping baby - makes them look sooo divine.

2. An almost complete blanket. I have done 64 stripes in all...Yieee!!!

3. Me being a stay-at-home mommy - Ample time with the little people when they need me the most.

What fun it is, to make such lists. Allows one to sit back and analysis the joys of life.

I  have been down with the bug so not able to progress much in all my other crafty pursuits.
Planned a border for the blanket. This is my own made up pattern. Hope it looks good on the blanket.

Happy loving time and Hooky time to all my friends and fellow bloggers :)


  1. You are right,there is lots to love and happiness in life.People don't recognise.
    The border pattern is very nice

  2. Right on! That blanket is going to be so nice.


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