May 3, 2012

Past Forward - Part 2

Its been a busy week with visiting friends and family. Having a great time, eating yummy home food, long talks with people who really mean to me. Blissful holiday i must say!!

Coming back to my previous paintings, the below one is "Fall Wonder" in which I have tried to capture the colors of Fall through my favorite Maple leaves.

The best part of this painting is the paper on which it is done, handmade recycled white sheet. We get a lot of such fantastic paper in Bangalore, India and at a very good price.

Glass painting also had captured my attention for a while. Would love to resume it. Only thing is glass painting is not a good choice for people with small children. If your painting drops the whole house is covered in glass shreds!!

At this stage i really truly am missing my Nikon. What a click it would have been with it!!! Sigh!!!

Quilling also is a really fun thing to do. Best part of this is it gets over real quick. You can make amazing things with it like photo frames, pen stands, wall decor, scrap booking, cards and the list is endless..

My crochet hook has been busy with my granny-stripe blanket. Am on my 34th stripe now. I am waiting to reach the end as i have a good plan for the border ;)

Today me and my girl are visiting the local craft market. Will be back with loads of snaps and hopefully some good stash!!


  1. Love your works! Welcome back to Bangalore!

  2. Your paintings are too good. Especially loved the first glass painting.


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