May 6, 2012

Putani Express

One of my fondest memories of Bangalore is visiting the Cubbon Park as a child. This used to be one of the favorite destinations for a school picnic and also a must do during summer holidays!

But the Park now is just a shadow of its former glory. It really needs some clean up. We took the boat ride and i was actually shocked to see that even the ride was allowed. One thing India needs is cleaning up. Otherwise we would have nothing to give to our children. I remember how fresh and inviting this park used to be.

The Toy Train aptly named "Putani Express" -,Putani meaning little or tiny, is made just for the tiny tots.The little miss had a fantastic time on it!!! :Fantasticccc - in her own words. Here she is after the ride, closing all the gates of the train.

Trying my best to get shots which can make up for my Nikon. Yellow flowers and floating balloons :)

Ended the day with a string of balloons - color, fun, sun, sand, boating, train, slide, more slide, swing and loads of fun in the sun.

Also a peak into the craft supplies I purchased the other day. It was not a very good day for shopping as the yarn guy in my favorite shop was out of stock and promised me more in the following week. Here's hoping for some more color then.

 Cannot resist flowers even though i have loads of punches

 Stickers for my scrap book which i think will forever be a WIP.

 These are zip pouches which when zipped up transforms into pouches, they are really cute and available at Staples.

One wall decor i could not resist buying. Kinda fits my job description to the T.

And some quilling papers.
Here you go, craft for me and fun for my girl. Hope you all are having as much as crafty fun as possible.


  1. It does look like a fun outing and a pretty train. although old.
    I don't know the first thing about Bangalore, except that we play cricket there sometimes? (South Africa), so it's nice to tour there via your blog. Will be getting on my Google Earth now.

  2. Hi
    First of all u have a lovely to follow u.....
    Good to kno that u r from Bangalore.
    Keep rocking....shall follow u
    Luv n luck


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