May 23, 2012

Yarn Crisis

I am out of yarn!!!
The last leg of my Blanket and i am out of the maroon shade. I have the last 2 sides of the last row of the blanket border to be done.

But in my race with yarn, the yarn has won and i have to go fishing for the color.

A look at what i have done so far.
Think it fits on a Queen Size bed nicely.

Tried a new border. Thought that this blanket deserves a special border as it is for a special person. A frilly and girly affair.

All folded and its now a WIP as i have to complete 2 more sides of the border.

Incase anyone is wondering about the beautiful spread below the blanket, it is a handmade sheet from Calcutta (city in India).
Its hand embroidered on cotton cloth. Since my childhood, there is this uncle who comes from Calcutta selling these sheets at homes. It is business by word of mouth. He gets georgeous stuff and i hope to be able to embroider once such sheet at some point of time in life!! Sigh!!

Meanwhile here's a look at what i am going to do next. I am already excited about this but yes i am out of thread and need to go to buy some very very soooon!!

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