May 10, 2012

Tribal Art

A city can be famous for various industries which thrive in it - be it fashion, finance, films, food, the people, tourism - so on and so forth. But in India, in the state of Karnataka, there lies a city known as Channapatna which is solely on the map for its wooden toys! This city's toys are so famous that indeed there would be no child in Karnataka who has grown up without playing with these toys :) The toys are wooden, completely non-toxic, even the colors are vegetable dyes. You can find more information here and here.

Equally famous is the tribal art known as Warli Paintings from central India. These paintings are very attractive and can light up any wall or room.  I purchased a cute looking time piece inspired by this art.

Closer home, my Little Miss has been very busy painting on her own. A first of sorts, a look at her collection :)

What fun we will have if she also gets creative with time and age!

I also have been quite happy with my hooky progress made on the granny stripe blanket. Have completed 48 stripes that it 96 rows and colorfully, happily, hookily smiling at it :))

Here's my "on-his-own" infant, who was just soo recently not even able to sit. Now he is almost walking all over the house, climbing, pulling and being as active as a bee!! Here he is in various stages of pulling off the blanket for himself ;)

This is when i actually get some time, when the little ones are sleeping and time is still with me. The Me time. A rarity in this part of the world. But hey! no complains - I am enjoying every minute of this journey with all the wonderful art and hook to keep me company....

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