Feb 27, 2012

Fishy Business

Its been a busy weekend with the family. Weekends are days when either I can get a lot of hooky work done or none at all. If the little ones bond well with the Dad, its my day off..else its double the trouble!

We have an agreement that Sunday is Momma's day off :-) That means I can crochet away to glory, but its often not the case. With my helper off for most of the day, i can hardly get anything done.
But this weekend my kids were good, snoozed off at the same time and I had a few brief hours of blissful playtime at hand.

So out came the creative mind, have been caught up with this crochet bunting. Really cute projects, fun to do and they color up any room. Also the project gets done quickly, i am happy and so arethe kids. They love playing with the buntings.

Here she is teaching him numbers and colors at the same time:)

Have been wanting to do a fish bunting for a while. Ravelry and Google dint give me a happy pattern, so hooked this one on my own. First wanted to make various color fishes, then thought of keeping them blue and outlining them in colors of the rainbow.

All lined up and looking soo cheerful and colorful!I have blocked them and also lined each of the fish with a layer of ordinary white glue to give it some firmness so that they don't droop off.

The only thing remaining is to sew them together and voila! they are ready to go up on my wall. By the way, this has been a special request from Little Miss. Waiting to see her expression when i am all done and it is hanging colorfully below her window:)

Meanwhile house hold work cannot be put off forever right? Oh how i wish that would be possible, but yeah need to take a reality check and get some stuff out of the way so that i can start off with the Blanket again.

A new table cloth for the dining table was a long due purchase. Went out to get it before laziness and other habits catch up. Think the bright yellow flowers did the trick. Curious to know if Banker would notice the new addition :)

Hopefully can get the fish line done today and start off on the blanket too.

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