Feb 17, 2012

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

There is something magical about stars and childhood. Counting the stars is one random activity which is invariably associated with our blissful years. When I was a child and the world was a much greener place to dwell, I used to count the stars from my room window and often drift off to a twinkling dream. Now looking at Little Miss I feel she misses out on so many simple joys of life! She has an iPad to play with but may never discover the joy of a chalk piece and blackboard. Every month(almost) she has something new to wear and does not look forward to those special days when wearing a new dress was part of a traditional ritual. As a parent, i am partly to blame. The growing economy and spending powers vested in me spoil her for choices.
But I try my level best to keep her grounded. She still enjoys chasing birds down the road, still enjoys taking a bath in the garden sprinkler :) Innocence of a 2 year old is visible all over her. Thankfully she still keeps asking ME, “mamma, what is this, mamma what is that”, and hasn’t resorted to goggling for the same!
Rambling thoughts are like a free flowing river. Thanks to the internet medium people can share all their thoughts to anyone with an internet access. Now I am feeling like I am wandering off again, so I will come right back to where this all started, STARS * *.

So since we rarely get to see stars from our apartment, i decided to crochet some of them for my children to play around with. On a cold grey day I sat sipped on hot coffee trying to see life move past me by my window. It struck me that the view inside too is pretty grey.Decided to hang up a garland by the window to brighten up the white walls. Logged on to my trusted friendly website Ravelry and found a very pretty Grandma Twinkle pattern . Off i went to crochet these utterly cute stars. Decided to make mine in multi colors.

The corners got rounded so here’s a first view of the stars, blocked.

Cant seem to get enough of my STARS

And here i have stacked them, ahhh soo prettty.

 ..and after waiting for them to dry like for eternity, here they are, all blocked and looking happily at me:)

Joined them all together with a simple chain and voila!! My window is all decked up and very starry

Well thats it for now. Hope you all have wonderful star filled dreams tonight! And if you need to reconnect with simple joys of life, its very easy..just look up to the stars on a clear night and when they twinkle on you, i am sure you would be a happier person …

Twinkle Twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are
Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky!!!

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