Feb 24, 2012

Rain rain go away

Hong Kong is really the Fashioners Paradise. It works both ways i feel, the demand and supply is well balanced. What all the fashion world dishes out, the fashion crazy public here lap it up.And God's own hand is dealt here too. There are 4 distinct weather conditions here.

Winter is really cold with temperatures of 3-6 degrees also. So out comes all the Coats and winter wear. The various kinds of leg warmers, gloves, scarves, caps, knee length coats - you name it and its on the people here.

Then the rainy season. Until i moved to HK, i dint know that there were 2 types of umbrellas - one for the rain and one for the sun! So all the rainy umbrellas come out and the water proof boots and the raincoats..they have raincoats for their purses too..I am currently stuck in the middle of this RAIN. Its been raining and raining and raining and rai...you get the picture right?
Its gloomy and depressing and wet everywhere...It just doesn't go along with me or my 2 children. A forced house arrest is very boring for them. We have a club house in the apartment complex, but nothing like fresh air and bright sun to play around in.

The Spring is lovely. The wardrobe shift happens again, there are the Capris and Skirts and jackets and silk scarves. I am yet to stay a spring here.

The Summer! Oh for the love of God, i am waiting eagerly for this season. Its HOT and HUMID. Cannot stay indoors without the air conditioner on. But its sooo good! The kids can be in just the minimum clothes and have fun! Walks to the park, the waterfront - all activities i am looking forward to in the summer months.

So coming back to my Crochet, after a lot of small projects, i decided to hook a Blanket/rug for our living room. Not essentially one to put down through out the day, but for a special purpose. We have our weekly puja schedule and are always short of the rug to sit upon. I thought it should be good to get one done for this use. I had with me quite a stock of acrylic yarn in shades of blue, green, white and purple.

Actually had planned a sweater for my boy in blue-green and a frock for the girl in white-purple. somehow i lost interest in both these projects. So instead of letting the yarn sit idly, i thought why not whip up a rug. Wanted a simple pattern, something relaxing and brainless yet at the same time serene and beautiful. Found the perfect pattern in this book. It has amazing stitch patterns and never fails me!

So here's a first glimpse of the rug.

Mr Smiley was all over it, somehow managed a few quick shots!!

Now, this is my rainy day project. Something to fill in the dull hours and the occasional time when both the kids are off me(physically off i mean).

Will keep the progress updated :)


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