Feb 29, 2012

Wanted : Sunshine

One of the first things i do as soon as i log on to the world wide web is to check the weather in my city hoping to see the not so familiar "sunny" face. But no, just have to wait some more.

Here's a view of the Victoria Harbor from my cozy room.
Not a pretty sight. Hong Kong's skyline is supposed to be the best in the world. Well i see it daily from my house and let me tell you one thing, in this weather it isn't the best! Wishing for some sunshine therapy. Actually waiting, praying, hoping each day would be better put.

The rain did not spare the terrace garden, looks isolated even during peak hours.

Water droplets on my window. Am truly amazed by the designs each day and Little Miss loves to clean off the water droplets every morning.

This is a picture of an apartment close by, best shot what with the fog and rain.

Its in such scenarios that memories come to help. I remember one sunny day when we all visited the Peak. It was extremely windy and sunny too. Loved the warmth and basked in the sun while it lasted. My girl wore a very pretty flowery top. Made courtesy her stay-at-home mom :) The flower pattern was from here. This was a pattern for a pot holder actually, but i used embroidery threads and ended up with a cute flower for accessorizing a girl's top. Added a pink button and the effect was pretty neat.

Made up the leaves on my own

 You can get the pattern for the butterfly from here
I tweaked it a little to make it smaller..and here's the entire stuff.

My doll wearing it now.

 Mamma enough she says!

Ending on a sunny note, the Peak during a sunny, splendid, wishfully awaited morning.

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