Feb 20, 2012

Weekend gone by...

Yesterday was officially my first night out with just the little people. The father being out on a business trip, I was left at the mercy of my two little ones. Hooky work took s back seat as i had to get 3 meals and bed times organised :) Oh boy! these kids know how to drive away the boredom blues. Not a spare minute between the two. And being a Sunday, it was time off for my domestic helper too..Why do sundays come once a week??? They should come once a month. Honestly i do miss her..and the Little Miss's moods swings are exponentially proportionally to her absence! Well i did not get a single chain done today, but i managed the meals and the sleeps..Mr Smiley, a food lover, rejected his dinner tho.Ahh you cant have it all i said to myself.

Back to some hooky business, there has been this color combination running in my head for a long time. Thought of making up a pen stand jacket before moving on to bigger things. This was done a while ago, but putting it up now.

SO got a simple stand, this was the cheapest one available at the local store.

...and now this is how it looks!

One happy little project to fill in some mindless minutes. You can also catch a glimpse of Mr. Smiley reaching out for his new toy.

PS : Mr smiley sat up on his own today!!! Yiee...how time flies!He is already standing with support since a week, and today he is sitting completely on his own...Now Running-around-the-house time is officially on for both the kids! The brighter side - i am gonna loose some baby weight(hopefully!!) 


  1. If Sundays came once a month then when will I scan Sanskrit books?

  2. Maybe you need to get right keywords and tags. Google search for diaper mum still takes me to the old blog.

  3. Your blog is beautiful and I know keeping a blog(that too a great one) with two little ones is a task...Jacket is drool worthy.


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