Feb 17, 2012

Yummy Yarn

It is said that Retail Therapy is the best therapy for a woman. I couldn’t agree more with this. An otherwise dull n boring day filled with motherly duties can transform into an oh so lovely sunshine atmosphere . I do love my children and they are my most important priority right now, but hey!No harm in indulging oneself in some shopping.
The weather hasn’t been very pleasant these days here. Cold spells, nothing too severe but not a good time if you are a toddler. After my Little Miss was done with her lunch we chanced to look outside  our window and were pleasantly surprised to see the sun smiling on us. But Little Miss being in her terrible twos decided she wanted to nap and not come out to shop, so I let her be and looked at Mr Smiley. He was all up for an afternoon of adventure with his mom. Mamma’s boy I must say! So off we went, all jolly and nice. There was this yarn shop I have been wanting to check out for many months and thought why not go there. The name of the shop is Paris Singlets Co. I was pretty disappointed with the collection there. Turned back to my favorite shop in Hong Kong, Tailor and Alteration Needlework Club . One word for this shop-I love love looooooooooove it !!!!! Simply cannot resist the yummy yarn and crochet threads they have. Without any further ado I am going to be kind enough to let your eyes feast on the purchases. I needed some colorful rather bright crochet colors to add to my stash.

The blues and greens and pinks……yummmmmm.

And can I just walk away with thread. No absolutely not!!! Little miss has over a dozen sweaters, but hey this pink is irresistible. Are you asking me the price? Now that’s a question I chose to ignore. Look at the yarn, it’s pure BLISSSSS. So what if it comes at HK$ 68 a ball. It’s worth it, every penny of it.
And I don’t know what I am gonna do with it. No hurry, little miss is not going anywhere I tell myself.

So now can I not buy for my Mr Smiley? Sublime yarn in shades of blue and lime for the handsome man please

A bag full of yarn + a poorer husband = a hoppingly happily mad me!
For anyone who says Mathematics is a though one, I have simple equations for them.

Anybody out there who wants to shop yarn, go ahead and indulge yourselves in some yummy food :)


  1. That's really a lovely yarn collection !! Is that sublime yarn cotton too?


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