Aug 27, 2012

Button Bow Dress

Good Monday morning to all my lovely people!

A warm welcome to Kevser from Kenny Window and Alison Howe - please let me know your blog so that i can link back :) Love making new friends over blogger land.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend :) We had a sunny, fun and food filled weekend here at diaper-mum's world. Weekend just disappears don't you think? I especially feel that about Sundays.
Got a bit of shopping done as the little boy is growing up fast and nothing fits him anymore Had to buy new dresses and even socks. Here is my Buzz lighter on Bullseye and also my little princess trying to scare her daddy.

I have been putting my hands in too many pies. Its partially in a cross-stitch i am trying to finish ASAP. Also here's a look at what i have been dying to try out - eye candy here and here. Need to buy fabric stiffener today for this. Also planning my next big blanket. Hopefully i would get the wool soon. In the midst of all this, i could not resist making a bow button shirt.

A really cute thing this is, just collect all your sample, stash buttons and think of any pretty thing like a bow or heart or a flower. Stitch the buttons on the line drawing and you are good to go. Love love having a daughter :)

 My son trying to grab some, i do feel sad that i don't make much more for him. Need to remedy that!

My model, my princess and she is a happpy happy girl!!

Hope you guys have a great start to your week!
Love to hear about your weekend :)



  1. Hi dear, Lovely idea and you seem to have a huge collection of buttons. Please savour every moment of your kids' childhood and take lots of pics. My "little one" is already 19 and I am wondering how fast time has flown. We still cannot think of him as an adult!! :)
    Hugs and kisses to the little ones.


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