Aug 23, 2012

Circle Motif Bunting

Hello my lovely people!

Hoping this post sees you guys in good spirits. A warm welcome to Charlotte from Charlotte's Web and also Kara from Petals to Picots.

Weekend is just around the corner and tomorrow is my better 1/2 's birthday :) Yes he is now gonna be as old as me...he he. Have been racking my brains on a suitable gift which does not include clothes, books, electronics or food. Lets see what i can get excluding this... my little girl has something ready for her Papa. Will post it tom, after he also sees it!

Else, i completed my motif bunting as you can see below.

The little people have been having a go at it and hence its way above their reach now. Adorning the curtain panel, i must say i am damn pleased with the look in my bed room now :)

A few close-up shots of the bunting. Used chain stitch and hooked up the motifs at 2 points per motif using a SC.

As for my real flowers, here they are..

 in full bloom - divine fragrance and a sight to behold :)

 Parting shots of my new bunting. I AM!

Hope you guys have good plans for the weekend, hooky wise and otherwise!


  1. Good morning Rajeswari - we must be on the computer at the same time.

    I love the bunting - it looks very nice at the top of the curtains. :)

  2. Hi Rajeshwari,
    Gorgeous flowers. Lovely bunting. My hubby's b'day is in August too on the 28th.
    You manage to crochet with two little ones. Really commendable. I remember my son would love to unravel my projects,when young. Now of course he is a teen and as expected totally ignores us.

  3. Hi dear my friend,
    This is a very good idea that I will try to make circle bunting.. You choosed very bright colors and you made so beautiful.. Also the crochet frames for your childen are so so impressive and amazing.. Yes so good work..:))
    All best and warm wishes...

  4. Thank you for the warm welcome! Hope hubby had a great birthday :)


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