Aug 20, 2012

Magical Mondays

I know i know, there is nothing magical about a monday, especially as it comes after a weekend!! But read on..

A good day to all my dear friends :)
Welcoming my new blogger friends -

Mihael  from MihaelARTCrochet - your crochet laces and bead work is simply out of this world
Anna from me.anna - do check out her blog to understand what me.anna means!!
Eileen from Crochet Attic - true eye candy blog. Cant wait to see more of your inspirations.
Barbara from Made in K-Town - love love your blog and all your ideas :)
Kara from Petals to Picots - amazing work and an inspiring blog!
Rajeswari Jaghamani from
Melissa Richardson - welcome into the daiper mom's world
Global nomad from PigTails - please teach me how to click photos! love all your snaps on blog.

This means i havn't blogged for a while now :) But its soo good to meet new people and make friends and learn about different cultures and people all over the world. Isn't it magical? So isn't the monday magical?

Finished this table mat come square doily. Toyed with the idea for a while and decided on making this a square table piece, used 3 different patterns from my favorite book of blocks - you can read about it here.

Loved working all the 3 blocks. But especially enjoyed the Light and Shadow blocks. It is such a simple pattern done in 1 color but has such a special look about it. Magical isn't it?

Found my new favorite granny pattern - the center piece. Maybe i will use this block pattern for my next big blanket project :)

My son's most used toy. The joy of small things i must say - yes its magical :)

Not my usual bright colors. Wanted a sober look so that i could high light the flowers on top. Used a simple shell border to finish things off..

Here are the flowers and my old fashioned phone. That has to be ignored :) 

My lovely girl, with lovely orchids :) Magical isn't it??

 Pretty flowers for all my lovely readers! And my helper is back after her day off and it makes it the most magical as i don't need to attend to house hold chores and can sit back and blog and connect with the world after a work filled weekend :)) Magical!! Bring me my cup of Tea now!!!

Lots of love,

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