Aug 8, 2012

Circle of Life

Hello my lovely friends!

Today has been a very special day. My little miss officially began her schooling. soon they grow just seems like yesterday she was born...

And now she is all grown up n off to school...:((
I know i will miss her more than she realizes but hey, guess its all part of the Circle of Life. 
Today its school, tomorrow its gonna be collage and i do not, repeat, do not want to think about what happens after that!!

Have you guys watched The Lion King? What a silly question, i am assuming this is one movie which probably everyone has watched and loved and grown up and watched again. It is very high up in my list of all time favorite movies. Listen to this track and fall in love with life and the movie too in case you have not watched it yet.

Circle of Life - Lion King

My crochet too is in circles right now. A look at my favourite circle motif right now.

Motif #14 from CIRCLES.

A look at what else i have been doing. Will do a proper post soon about the same.
Is my crochet draw messy..well it should be right?
 Here's wishing my little one and all our little ones a wonderful journey in the circle of life, yes there will be bumps ahead but hope the ride is smooth still and they grow into courageous ones who can over come the bumps and enjoy their circle of life :)



  1. Your little girl is so cute - I hope she has fun at school. :)

  2. The Circle of Life is a mysterious thing . . we all travel it, but, yet, we all have such a different path.

  3. Hi there
    Awwwww! Gorgeous photo of your little girl. She looks sooo pretty all ready to go off to school. How time does fly!
    Before you know it she'll be going to college!!!
    I've got the Beyond the square book too...its great,isn't it?

    keep well

    Amanda :-)


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