Aug 10, 2012

Joining for Tea - anyone?

It has been a while since i used my Oven. The Banker requested for some home made cake as that is the only egg-less cake available in HK.. he he

My lovely people, can i invite you over for a freshly baked egg-less totally yummmy scrummy cake?
Find the recipe here. I have added walnuts as i cannot imagine a cake otherwise.

 and i have added fresh cherries too. And also choco chips for the little people.

This is motif #19. I hope you like it, i think the colors really do justice to this motif.. My new favorite now. Will post more pics for some more motifs later in the day.

See you lovely people in a bit, going to grab a piece of the cake and enjoy my mid-day Tea now..Hope you guys have a happy hooky afternoon.



  1. Pretty motif. Thanks for the link to the cake recipe - it looks delicious. :)

  2. what is th e pattern for that Motif . . I like it a lot . . and the cake does look scrumptious . . must check the recipe out.

    1. Thanks Paula!
      I like this motif too..unfortunately it is from the book - Beyond the Square Motif- Link is here -

      Basically lots pop-corn stitches in rounds :)
      Do try the cake and let me know if it turned out ok!


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