Aug 3, 2012

Summer Dress

Hello my lovely people!
Hope you are having a good friday and waiting for the weekend to relax and unwind :)

My new friends from blogger land - Sophie from Sophie's Paradise , Hyfah al, Beck from Beck to Vintage - love Beck's photographs and cute crochet items! and Mau from Creative Mau .

Its so good to make new friends everyday and get inspirations from all corners of the world don't you think?

I have not been doing any big project recently. Plan to amend it very soon.
Stitched a summer top for my little miss. Inspiration came from many sources, but had a picture of a wavy yoke stitched on this fabric, topped with some flowers. Turned out exactly how i imagined it. Its sooo so good to have a picture in your mind and then craft it from your own hands. A look at the dress rather top now..

Yes i used Picasa widely for these photos..
Did a round of blanket stitch and then followed it with this:
1 SC, 2 DC, 1SC in 1 loop. Slip stitch in the next. Did this all around for the edging.

Coming to the yoke...It is really simple actually. Did 5 rows of chevron wide wave pattern. Thats all!!
The straps are 1 row of SC in the center flanked by a granny stripe row on both sides. That's followed by 1 row of HDC. My favorite stitch for straps these days seem to be the HDC. It is a very cute and sturdy fellow..

Enhanced the joins with 2 ready made fabric button centered flowers from my stash.

Here's another click...

 Used 2 simple buttons for an opening at the back.

Picasa again, enhancing the strap and button for you..,

A close up of the edging. Can be used for any other crochet item a towel or dish cloth..

Well, i am hanging up my hook for the weekend. Have a few outdoor plans and some family/weekend time to spend before my little princess is off to school!!

Hope you all have a happy fantastic weekend ahead. Loads of fun - hooky and otherwise ::)


PS : I haven't used a sewing machine for this ;)


  1. Oh that's so cute - if I had a little girl to crochet for I would make one of those. :)

  2. Hi my dear friend, I am very happy that you have visited my blog.. Nice to meet you..:)
    I like your blog so much that you are very creative and I like your all handmades.. I will learn so many new things from you..:))
    All best wishes..
    And all happy days...:))

  3. Hi Rajeswari i agree with you is very beautiful to make new friends from all the world it is a kind of magic don't you think?I like the dress and the colours is very cute.Nice job.
    Kisses Sophie from Greece.

  4. The dress is soooo lovely. I love the colors. :)

  5. I love the dress it's beautiful, in my favourite colours too :)

  6. Love everything about this dress! So cute

  7. YOur blanket stitch is beautiful. Thank you for this pattern . . .I have wanted to try something like this but had never seen it explained so well.

  8. Hi dear, The dress is soooo cuuute. Wish I had a girl. My Mom used to make my frocks when I was a child. She was an expert at stitching. You are right about the warm feeling when you see friends from all over the world. I just love it when somebody from across the globe joins me. Have fun with little miss.

  9. Thank you all for such lovely comments! It truly made my DAY!!

  10. Thats a very pretty summer dress, and I think you gave me an idea and inspriration for a bag to make!


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